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Is it normal that animals chase me
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Ever since I was young animals chase me, the first time it happened I was about four and I went into a petting farm and a sheep rammed me in the stomach.
When I was about 9 a goat jumped a fence and chased me round the field, there were plenty of people there but it was only interested in me.
when I was in my 20's I crossed a field that is used as a public path and got chased by a 2-tonne bull, the farmer moved the bull to a field about a mile away and he still tried to get me.
The most recent incident happened at Christmas when the School my children are at brought in reindeer as a treat for the kids, up until this point my Husband didn't believe that animals chase me until he saw it for himself, out of a whole group of parents the deer got aggressive towards me, I didn't provoke the deer or even make a noise i was just standing there.
Why does this happen to me and does any one else have this problem.
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Comments (5)
No. Its not normal. I can't say anything. I never saw this happen.
By your post I came to know that those animals were herbivorous who attack as a defence.
Did any carnivorous animal chased you. Like dog or cat?
I wish it never happened. I don't want it to happen to anyone.
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I get on very well with cats and dogs, I can approach most of them without any sign of aggression.
Come to think of it birds don't like me much either.
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You have bad chi. Go make peace for what you did. Only you know
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Pheromones maybe? I don't know, that's kind of crazy.
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I know its strange, I avoid bigger animals and animals with horns.
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