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Is it normal that cocaine makes me bleed from my ears
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I just started listening to panic! and tried cocaine but it makes me bleed from my ears a lot.
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i think it's sposed to go up your nose
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Did you listen to "Cocaine" by Eric Clapton when this happened?

I think that you might have to consider turning the volume down a bit as you could rapture your eardrums!
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yeah that happens if you mix coke and panic
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dont waste your money on that shite
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no, its not normal. see a doctor and get a different dealer!
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Cocaine, makes me HORNY as hell.. I just want to lay back and play with my Kitty .. LOL
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NOT NORMAL GO TO THE ER ❗❗❗ I was addicted to Cocaine from 2003 to 2007 and I can tell you this any bleeding from using Cocaine IS NOT NORMAL OR SAFE
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Bleeding from the ear is ear drainage that contains blood. The discharge may be a combination of pus, wax, fluid and blood. Although there are other possible causes, the most common cause of bleeding from the ear is a ruptured or perforated
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To answer you question--yes, cocaine use can cause bloody noses. The mechanism of this is that when one snorts cocaine they can directly irritate the nasal mucosa (inner part of nose) causing it to bleed. The inner part of the nose has a lot of blood supply and thin skin so the nosebleed can be profuse.
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But you need to go get looked at ASAP
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