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Is it normal that everything looks fake?
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Ever since I can remember I have had intrusive thoughts and limited anxiety. Panic attacks and anxiety also run in my mother' side of the family and this past year I have started smoking weed about 4-5 times a week. And three weeks ago I went hunting with my dad and grandfather for thanksgiving. Everything was normal until I shot a deer. My family made me help skin the deer and I started freaking out. Everything seemed fake, like I was getting high. It feels like there is an autopilot turned on in my brain, and everything I see seems fake. It seems like I am in a videogame or something, its really hard to describe. I have also started hallucinating when I go to bed. I see faces, birds, shapes, and colors. This is mostly only in the dark but every once in awhile I feel like someone is calling my name. Or I will see something out of the corner of my eye and think it is a person standing over me. I constantly look up mental disorders and I think I am becoming schizophrenic. I know I am not(hopefully) but I can't shake the thought. I will also notice that sometimes light becomes more saturated or I will focus on one specific thing. and everything else in my vision is blurry. This is not just when I am high, but also during everyday life. I have been seriously freaking out over this. Idk if this happens to anyone else too. Maybe it will go away? Idek anymore.
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I have no experience with that type of drug use. But you should definitely see a doctor or a psychologist.
And maybe stop the smoking the weed until you get the all clear from one of those medical practitioners.
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Stop smoking weed and go to a doctor.
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You seriously need to see a doctor, this is not healthy
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