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Is it normal that everything tastes like perfume?
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When I woke up this morning and had my cup of coffee, I noticed it tasted a little like perfume, but thought nothing of it. Later I opened a can of coke and the first sip tasted like perfume as well. So I took a few more sips to see if I had really tasted perfume, and I had. Is there some explanation for why everything has tasted like perfume today?
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Wash your hands and try using mouthwash.
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Have you been wearing scented lip glaze, lipstick, etc...? Use lotion before bed? Strong-scented face wash?
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Some illnesses can cause chemical imbalances which make you smell/taste things differently. If it doesn't go away within a week, it's worth reporting to a doctor.

Failing that, if you've ever had perfume in your mouth, the taste is absolutely foul and takes forever to go away. That could be an answer too.
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