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Is it normal that gingers kinda creep me out?
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I'm not one of those douches who're like "NO SOUL OMG!!1!121£32M" or anything but I've noticed recently that ginger people with loads of freckles make me feel really awkward/nervous and a bit sick, too.. I don't have anything against them though, if that makes sense? It's not like I can't stand even being around them or anything, they just.. creep me out man. Is that normal..? I suspect it isn't but it's worth checking if there's anyone else like this....
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A lot of important historical figures were redheaded, for instance Cyndi Lauper and Rick Astley. Where would we be today without them?
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Countryroads is a redhead and she is fantastically gorgeous. I hope she reads this story, OP, lol
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No you're just weird. To me it's cute because it's different!
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gingers and red heads are one and the same. and no, you are not normal to be creeped out by them lol
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I think red heads are gorgeousss. :)
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I'm a redhead and I dyed my hair a couple days ago to.a lite brown. I miss my hair!!!! Lol were not creepy and we have souls you retards!!!
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Ahhh thanks little lady!
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There is a big difference between gingers and red heads...big big difference. That being said...neither creep me out. If anything I find gingers to look more interesting than creepy.
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Randomjelly - explain to me what a Ginger is, then, exactly. I always thought it referred to redheads?
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I thought so, Aussie!
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Absolutely normal!
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I have red hair but I don´t have freckles. lucky me! LOL
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To Joe Average.. Historical Figures..???? Cyndi Lauper, Rick WHO...? These are historical...? CV'Mon.....!!!! OMG...?????
HOw old did you say you were...?
GHingers / Redheads and an unknown commodity...
Not too many know too much about them, because they don't WANT to, or try and treat them on a "par"...
So best, they make NO comment (s), as versus looking totally odd base on their comments..
Rachelle In High Heels
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