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So I've known this guy for almost 5 years and our relationship is very complicated from beings friends ,to dating but never full blown relationship. He has never voiced his emotions or anything tht goes on in his personal life certain things I've found out when i go to his house. His father recently died and even though it was over our school break he hasn't been very outspoken about it. I honestly wanna be there for him but i just dont know how he feels. He told me tht he actually wanted to be together but i found tht he texted other girls when i thought we were dating. We're talking again and i just dont know how to feel we're young and i don't wanna feel like im forcing him to be in a relationship. I do certain things to get a reaction out of him and its little to nothing or not what i want. It's driving me mad he's like a puzzle and its so hard to figure him out. I know he genuine but i want him to show it. It doesn't matter to me if we don't go out i just want him to be comfortable speaking about certain things.
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You can't possibly "know he's genuine" because it doesn't sound as if you really know him very well even after so long and it doesn't sound to me as if he wants you to know him any better.

If he were comfortable talking about personal things he'd already be doing it and there's no way you can change another person unless they want to change.

Have you tried the old formula: eg "when you ......... (eg, don't talk about your feelings, I feel (NB not "you make me feel) .......... whatever it is you do feel when this happens ......... and I would prefer it if ....... whatever you want from him. That's not challenging, it's all "I" statements, and in my experience if you don't get a positive response of some sort to that then he's not worth bothering with.

I also suggest that regardless of the above, you create some distance for a while and see what happens: in the meantime keep busy with friends and whatever else you enjoy doing.
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@: Ellenna
Thanks i honestly appreciated this I've been stuck between a rock and a hard place with this.
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Glad if I helped - all the best and happy new year!
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Is he a Mexican!
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