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Is It normal that I am 19 and never kissed or dated anyone?
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I turn 19 next week and as mentioned in the title, I have never kissed anyone or dated anyone. I've talked to a couple girls here and there and I think I even went on a date once (At least I thought it was, the girl not so much). I thought things would be better going into college with a school of 20,000+ people (61% female too). I am very outgoing and personable and despite the fact that I look a little young for my age, there is no obvious roadblock in the way for me getting a girlfriend. I am 5'10", average build, and have been told by complete strangers my eyes are truly mesmerizing. I do my fair share of partying but would rather just chill at my dorm watching TV. Have I just not met the right girl or am I an anomaly?
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It's normal. I dated a girl in college who was 19 and before me she'd never been on a date or been kissed
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I'm 19 and I've never had a serious boyfriend or a second kiss. Not have I been on a date.
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Hey you've had one more kiss than me!
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Same boat.
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It is very normal to be 19 and never had a girlfriend. I would say at least 50% of people at your age have never had a girlfriend. Don't be too hard on yourself about women, you still have so much time left for women. Just let it happen when it is ready to happen.

You need time to sort the bad women from the good ones, take that time so you don't end up with some bad woman that just uses you. At 19 you have no reason to be stressing about the fact you have never dated a woman.
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It is as normal as can be. You are not alone here for I know of a few around your age that have never been kissed or gone on a real date. Were it possible, I would take you out on a date and it would be I, kissing you.
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That's slightly creepy and cool, thanks!
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