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Is it normal that I am 20 and never had a boyfriend?
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Is it normal that I am a twenty year old girl who is afraid to get into a committed relationship, that's why I have never dated before?
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you sound exactly the way i used to be. just take the plunge and things will get easier. they did for me.
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Same story different gender.
I guess that if you mention your anxiety it won't be a big deal.
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Why bother with a boyfriend? Dildos are more reliable and cause less emotional turmoil.
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Put yourself out there. Try new things. If you have a friend or a colleague who you'd consider dating, just ask them out. Life's too short to be afraid of commitment and rejection. Things get easier, and it's not that uncommon to have never had a boyfriend at 20.
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Already told you, find a nice older man on the internet and meet him at his place. Don't tell family or friends where you're going.
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I think we need a little more details and clarification on this matter before we can help you. However, I will tell you that it - obviously - is way more than you think as this board and various other forums and whatnots are filled with this exact question; ("I am 20-something and never had a relation.")

I would like to know the answers to these questions:
- Have you ever kiked anyone "like that"? Did you show it to him? How?
- Do you ever try to approach guys yourself?
- Do guys in school, work, parties, bars, clubs etc usually avoid you?
- Ever tried taking the first step?

As a guy myself, I do know girls have it a lot easier on the dating scene as it is expected for the man to initiate the relationship. Any girl who is not morbidly disfigured and disgusting will have guys surrounding her as long as she puts herself out enough. Either you don't put yourself iyt there- you are shy and avoid approaching guys or your kiw self-esteem has made you blind for all the guys who want you. Because I am sure it is not your looks that stop you. :)

Further questions you can ask yourself is
- Do you even want a biyfriend?
- Why do you think you never had one?
- What do you think you have to do to get one?

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