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Well, here it goes. I know this isn't really weird or unheard of but I don't know what the matter is. I LOVE soccer. Like it's pretty much all I think about. I watch it all the time on youtube, go to all the games I can, I talk about it 24/7. I am on jv but I really want to play in college. Here is the problem, I'm not very good. And the bad thing is that I'm lazy in everything I do. I'm surprised at myself that I actually go to conditioning and practices when I dispise running. I don't really practice at home but I want to. It's weird it's like I want to but then again do not have the willpower to go outside and run. Does this mean that I don't actually want it that much?
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If you are still a freshmen or sophomore in high school, there is still PLENTY of time to get better and make use of that time!
I mean anything is possible (especially in sports)... and if you want to commit, then you should shoot for the stars and try to be the best you can! I mean I think I read that like Michael Jordan got demoted to JV one year in high school and look how he turned out.
I would look at your options... I mean be somewhat realistic with yourself like if you're a junior or senior... it's going to be harder, but nothing wrong with trying to get better! Even if you aren't able to play competitively in college, you will still be in great shape and be able to say that you are at least pretty good. Plus, you can always play intermural sports or however you spell it... which is just for fun but still competitive.

But yeah man you got to do the work and practice. There's also nothing wrong if you just like soccer a lot and want to do it for fun. I mean there's plenty of football fans for example that maybe only played in high school but look at how excited they get about it! lol. But if you do want to be competitive, you do have to work hard.
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Thank you so much! I am a sophomore in high school so that gives me a few more years to improve on my game. Thank you, that makes me feel so much better!
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What is jv?
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@: Ellenna
Junior Varsity
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Thanks for explanation
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i used to play soccer at recess and was the star player untill about 7th grade when everybody hit puberty (i bloomed late)
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Lots of people love things like you do. Totally normal.
Personally I'm not a sports person, but others are.
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