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Is it normal that i am sexeuly stimulated with wounds
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My friend texted me saying that he was in the hospital because his sister cut her finger right open and i wanted to see a picture, he said no, so i went onto google to substatute and i felt strange feelings from it (i am virgin) and i looked at more of these images and i may be sexuelly atracted to wounds
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Your not normal!
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It has to do with injury and vulnerability, whether a person acts on it or not. When my hot older sister had surgery, she was bandaged up for a week or so, and, I admit..Found it fairly arousing, seeing her in a sling and a bit hindered.
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Well, people have their fetishes. It might go away after some time
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People like being pissed and shit on. Receiving pain and giving pain. Ur shit is weird too, but who cares. But its still weird. ( But id like to put a needle through a girls nipples ) lol
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