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Is it normal that I am turned on by a womans smelly feet?
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For about the past 10 years or so I have been sexually obsessed with womens feet, I think of how they would smell after a long day at work especially if there wearing pantyhose or nylons. It turns me on sexually and it is only with women not children or men or animals. I have never acted on this but if the woman was willing I would love to grab one of her feet and smell it.
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Go with what makes you happy. A little kink does the soul good
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yeah. I have the same problem. I tell my girlfriend not to wash her feet for days so i can smell them.when im drunk and horny its really bad. i smell her feet while were doing it. I think about it all the time..I wish she liked me doing it more but she still lets me. She thinks its a little strange. I also like to smell her has to be clean though. I think about other girls feet and how much i want to smell them.sweaty smelly girls feet is the best.I really want to smell a hot girls sweaty smelly feet now.
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ya me too love da feets
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Well I gotta say, Im glad Im not the only one. My wife used to like it but now she gets a little annoyed. Thanks guys for letting me know Im not the only one.
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Its not a problem really L-o-L and many have a foot fetish so this is somewhat in the norm ;)
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for me women's feet turn me on-biggest turn off-SMELLY FEET.
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After working all day in shoes, I love the smell of women's feet.
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im obssesed with womens feet! omg im so hard writing this message
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