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Is it normal that i can bench press only 44 lbs? (20kg)
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And i'm 29 male... its really hard to lift more than that and many women can lift the same with easy
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Just keep benching every day. You'll eventually be able to bench more weight.
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Thats not good, I've just started training a new client and he is up at about 70kg after one week.
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You are adding the weight of the bar onto this as well, right? Just because all the barbells I know of are 45-55 lbs at least.
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@: q25t
yeah i add 22 and 22...sometimes i add 4 and 4 but is really hard
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If you're adding 10 kg to both sides, then you aren't factoring in the weight of the bar as well.

Also, how many repetitions are you doing of this?
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I bench ten lbs
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how much do you weigh? do pushups and work on lifting your own bodyweight and that'll increase your potential for lifting heavier weights
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Just do push-ups and PLEASE DO NOT bench press everyday....
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