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Is it normal that i can feel high/in dream?
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One day i was smoking,i think i over did it and i went to sit down and had a black out.. i remember as soon as the black out ended i felt as if my life was fading away. i know drugs arent for anyone but i felt scared,terrified and this kept going for 4 hours till i chilled down. the next day i woke up and i was looking at youtube videos and out of no where i felt high,it felt as if i was in a dream and i felt the day go by fast and i remember having huge headache.. this kept going for atleast 3months but each day it started fading away. i dont know if im traumatized or what but 6months have passed and i stopped panicking. and sometimes when i go out in public my life feels like a dream but whenever im with my family or at home relaxed,it doesnt. and now that im going to school my day feels alright but when i try to remember things it doesnt feel like as if i actually did when i remember some things. as if im stuck in time or some thing. Please help,i dont want to take medicine or go to a mental hospital. Yes i stopped smoking. i want to know whats wrong and im doing fine,could it be brain fog?or something else?
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Yes it happens to some people when they smoke. It happened to me naturally and when I finally did smoke it made it 100 times worse. It's called depersonalization or derealization. I suffered with it for years but now it no longer effects me unless I take certain drugs, am sleep deprived, or hung over. Don't worry it's not life threatening and will go away one day. When? Idk. I'd suggest doing some research on it.
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