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Is it normal that I can taste scents?
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Once my boyfriend ate a piece of cornbread and said it tasted like Academy (Sports and Outdoors store) and I completely agreed. Then the other day my step-dad accidentally bought light syrup, so since it was different from regular syrup, I said that it tasted like fireworks! My mom started freaking out and when I tried to explain or describe it, she still thought I was crazy. It's like my taste and smell senses are well connected or something. Has this ever happened to anyone else before? I know I'm not the only one...
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Sometimes, food taste the way it smells. I think you're normal.
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I see the color of scents, but it's clear what you're talking about. The light syrup didn't literally taste like fireworks, but tasted like how fireworks smell. We all have experiences like that; it's how our taste and smell are hooked up together. 100% Normal to me!
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scents are flavors and the other way around. Duh. you just perceive them differently cause the tongue works by contact with flavoring molecules while the nostrils only come in contact with small particles floating in the air. If the nostrils are stimulated enough you get the impression of feeling something as strong as taste, or if your taste sense is not very sensitive anymore.
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Actually you're sense of smell and taste are connected, and different smells can affect the taste of something.

That's why when you plug your nose, food has no taste.
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look up synesthesia
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Fact of the day
Scent and taste are connected, that's why if someone cooks for you, it would taste better than if you cook for yourself (your nose gets used to the smell while you cook, so the taste isnt as good as it could be).
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Well, justhe so you know the tongue is a part of your sense of smell believe it or not...
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