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Is it normal that I can't be myself?
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This past year I have felt frustrated because I can't be myself around other people. Originally, I had a few really close friends who knew everything about me. Then, those friendships died or ended up hurting me in the end. Now I am not consistent around other people. My personality changes with the setting I am in and I only allow certain parts to be shown whenever I feel like they are accepted. The reason it is concerning is because whenever I was little I would always get an adrenaline rush whenever I shared anything about myself. As if I was scared of letting anyone see my true self. Whenever I am around others I just feel uneasy. Furthermore, I try to show my personality piece by piece but my friends always end up leaving or not caring. Despite all the effort I put into the friendship. Do I have an emotional condition such as being bipolar or am I just a normal analytical person?
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I lost a very close friendship with a primary school friend when we entered uni.
So I understand not feeling comfortable being your true self.
Life is really random, and not everything will last forever, so depends on wether you want to take any risks or let's say chances. I haven't been able to yet.
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I have a similar problem. But not completely the same. I used to have a few close friends, a lot of acquaintances, and was very social. A lot of those kind of died off. Im now finding it very hard to even have conversation with people, even people im with everyday at work. I get anxious when people even approach me. But im not so much afriad of sharing things about myself, its more that i feel people arent interested in what i have to say, so i dont really talk. I too, would like to know if this is normal.
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I'm the same way, it's so frustrating!! For me, it's a coping mechanism for my anxiety. I've had many friends shun me without a visible cause so of course I've blamed myself & my personality. Also, that doesn't sound anything like bipolar disorder.
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