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Is it normal that I can't get over my ex after a year?
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We only dated for 3 or 4 months. Why can't I get over him? It's been a year. Sure, he was my first boyfriend, but I thought I could get over him by now. Yes, I love him, I loved him then and I love him now, but that's just how I am about things like that, not out of any hope we'll get back together (he's made it plenty clear he's moved on).

We are still friends (at least we seemed to have been up until a month ago when he started being super rude to me and ignoring me).

Yet, despite the way he broke up with me, and the way he's treating me now, I just miss him. I don't even think we're compatible!!! Our time dating made that clear enough, but I can't get over him, and he doesn't want to be friends anymore it seems......

What do I do? Is this normal? Do other ex-couples go through this kind of thing??
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The answer may be as simple as changing your entire mindset to " I CAN move on". It sounds stupid and what not, but surprisingly it works. The mind is a powerful thing. If not, just wait some more. Time helps everything.
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Holy shit . Im in the exact same situation..
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i sure as hell hope you didn't give your virginity to him.
what a douchebag guy.
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my ex girlfriend is like this idnt know why... how about i was like this for 2 months only just meet a new person who makes you happy "if someone ensnares your happiness so whatever it takes to get it back"-jp114103 the world is about happiness
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... Same here :( I cant get over my ex and I gave him everythink trusted him with my life and he dumped me got a new girl friend and now after nearly a year I cant get him out my head.... Drives me crazy most of the time an we was together 8months and I hate bullshiters saying all the love yous!! :( hate guys atm... All they seem to do is lie and cheat :/ when girls (well some) are so faithful :( dont know how to get over him.
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