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Is it normal that I can't relate to people my age?
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Ever since I was a child, I had trouble relating to people my age. I always made friends and always talked to others, but never felt like I actually had anything in common with anyone and could never really relate. I never had a real close friend and never been in a ralationship.
Its only recently that I realized this. I am tired of pretending I am like others because I am not. I am becoming more and more detatched from others and even get mad when my friends call. Im am wondering if this is normal and if it will get better with time.
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Very normal. Our generation is annoying. Sluts and jerks is all they are. I'm sick of them too. Luckily I have tolerable, book reading, indie-loving friends who I enjoy being around. Being anti-social is very common. And I often stay home and make excuses to not hang out with people. I often complain to my friends about how I hate people haha
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Yeah it's normal many ppl feel this way
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Firstly... how old are you?

At about 13-15 I felt mostly that way and then I kind of found myself and was more comfortable.

I embraced who I was with confidence (but not aggression, that's a sure way to alienate yourself) and I think you'll feel good over time being yourself.

I don't know if it'll get better but where I live there are loads of different types of people and nobody particularly judges or cares anymore.

p.s. My social group is 17-18 so... if that's anything to go by?
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"but not aggression, that's a sure way to alienate yourself" i like this, ive found it to be true too, however i find it frustrating sometimes to be an outsider trying to establish oneself in a group when you can't relate, and have to wait for an opportunity rather than make the assertion to impose yourself on a group, if that makes sense
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Congratulations.You are officially an antisocial.Welcome to the club.Weirdo.
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im kind of the same i had alot of so called "friends" but i only kept them around incase i got bored i only had one real friend and thats only because he was like me and well we ended up doing alot of bad stuff lol
i only been in 2 relationships one was to see what its like and the second time was for a skateboard lol
and im the same i am completely different from everyone else.
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I feel the same. All of my friends want to hang out all the time and talk about really annoying things. Finally they understand I only want them around so I don't get bored, and they dont bug me and text me as much.
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I know people my age get on my nerves to, very few do I feel like I can connect with because they talk about dumb things that are a slightly above high school level.They more immature than kids and I'm like dude your 24 years old and act ridiculous and they seemed to not get it.
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