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Is it normal that I can't stop freezing when a car drives by?
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About eight years ago, I made up a game called Avoid. Whenever a car drove past my house, I would have to either hide or freeze where I was until it passed. The game was addictive, and I started playing it whenever I was in my front yard. Now I can't stop playing it and I even have to freeze mid-sentence while explaining something to my father in the living room. When I vacuum I have to close the blinds so I don't get a freak attack by people in cars (I call them Suggests) who will come vaporize me if I move. It's all part of the game.

How do I stop? How can I not be afraid of the living room anymore? How can I stop rushing away from the window and how do I stop the feeling when I blasphemously DO move when a car passes? Is any of this at all normal?
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I clench my butt cheeks whenever I see a dog.

I suggest you start reading fantasy books. Begin with game of thrones...
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Statistically, 1 in 3 people get frozen by cars every day
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Statistically, the other two people were wearing warm coats
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Also the driver is usually a tall asian person
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Who is statistically likely to be two asian people
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Take the problem head on, go outside with a book, or magazine and force yourself to talk thru passing cars.
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It sounds like you've conditioned yourself to freeze when cars go past. Even though common sense tells you that the people in the cars aren't going to vaporize you, you've taught your body to react in that way.
I know you probably won't want to hear this but the way you can get over this behavior is by de-conditioning yourself. Make it a point to move when a car drives by. After a lot of practice, your body will begin to be more relaxed when cars drive by and it should fall out of habit eventually.
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