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Is it normal that I can't watch anime with people around?
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Sometimes when I'm watching anime, other people will be around me. It embarrasses me when they here me watching it because I think they'll think "What the hell is he watching?"
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Haha, I feel the same way. Anime is weird shit and when people that are not familiar with it see it, they are usually like "WTF". But you'd be surprised how many people are into it.
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Anime is sort of a private pleasure for me as well. There is something intimate about it. Something that makes you watch it at night in the dark. With nothing but the sound of the ceiling fan blades spinning and the flickering light of the TV. All alone.
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I have to pause the anime and like minimize the tab when someone walks in my room.
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I can find something seriously wrong with that: "...minimize the TAB..."
That implies you stream it. DO YOU HATE YOURSELF OR SOMETHING?
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I watch anime on Youtube all the time.
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@: Fidgety
Why not just download it?
Better quality and less bandwidth (at a given quality).
YouTube at 720p will consume 300 - 600 MB for per episode.
Downloading in 720p is between 150 - 300 MB per episode and you get better sound and styled soft-subs.

You could probably obtain a good 720p encode for download for the same bandwidth as watching a 480p YouTube encode. You can also watch it whenever you want, on whatever device you want, as many times as you want.

If you use DDL, you can also watch the incomplete file as it downloads.
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I think the samething lol i even paid for a seperate netflix account outside of my families account just to watch it.
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