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Is it normal that i cook naked?
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Is it normal that when im in the kitchen helping my mom cook,that im naked?I do this because most of the time,the kitchen can get really hot,because of all the frying and everything.Our kitchen isnt small at all,but sometimes its already just a hot day,so opening a window wouldnt solve much.My mom understands this,so she doesnt mind me,but my brother can get a little too excited,so i would end up putting on an apron.
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I think that's pretty weird, honestly. LOL, especially if your brother is getting excited.
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It's normal, unless you're cooking Bacon, than it's just dangerous.
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??? Cooking bacon naked is the most important part of the day. You don't even need coffee by the time you're done.
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I think its normal.Its good to let your Vagina air out from time to time.And your Profile picture is Hot!
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Atleast your mom doesnt care.Your comfortable so thats all that matters
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I jerk off naked
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You can do just about anything naked. What is the big deal with nudity?
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