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Is it normal that I daydream about me being rich all the time??
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5 Comments I've been having these daydreams for some time now and they are all about me being rich.
I don't need money that much...I'm 18 and live with my parents, my father is a pilot so it's not like I'm poor or anything I have all the stuff I want. When they ask me what I want for birthday for example I have no idea what to say because I have everything.
Yet I think about money and me being rich all the time and I pretty much think about every thing that is expensive from clothes to huge mansions. I also spend a lot of time Googling these things...sometimes for several hours!
Is this normal??? Hope it is...
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I think a certain amount of daydreaming is healthy, and it could be an indicator that you have goals. On the flip side, it could turn into an unhealthy obsession, especially if you spend too much time googling. Maybe take the online stuff down a notch.
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Totally normal. I dream every day about being rich. I'm so much happier in my daydreams than in real life. I hate my real life and how I'm not rich :(
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i play the lotto wenever i can so i can substanciate my thoughts of wot i would do if i woz ritch, even though i know i wont win..
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who doesnt have those dreams now in these times
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You'll never have money of your own. Keep daydreaming.
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