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Is it normal that i desperately want my MotherInLaw.
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When i lived with my wife and mother-in-law we used to argue, so i stopped playing dirty games like leaving the door open when i get dressed or wank my raging hard-on, for her to watch and listen.
So for a while we didn't get along.
Then all of a sudden, she is the only women i desperatly want to take on a dirty weekend.I love sniffing the underwear she leaves on the floor of the bathroom when we stay over.Her other daughters are hot and i have sniffed there dirty knickers,sooo good,but i want their mum so bad that i think about her every day. she told me her pussy is beginning to prolapse,now i really really need to tell her that, i am burning for her sex.
Please help, what should i say to her?
Is this normal or not?
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How old is she , 80 ?
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Set your dick on fire.
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I think she wants to fuck you really badly. But, she probably won't cheat on her daughter.
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Fuck her hard, then fuck her daughters as well!
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fuck mom and daughter together
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Just go for it, she probably wants it anyway!!
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Like many, I always wanted to have sex with my mother in law. It started by me giving her a light tap on her ass. This was enhanced by her daughter (my wife) when I saw them sunbathing nude on the deck together. Then once when my wife and I were having sex (wife was wearing stockings and garter belt) and it was risky, I asked my wife what would happen if her mother came home and saw us. The answer was jjust keep going and let her see you make me have many orgasms.

Even before we were married, I was turned on by her mother. We were camping one summer and her mother did not want her daughter and I sleeping together, but there were not enough beds for all of us, so the end result was I would sleep in the same bed as her mother since her father was not there. Plus her other daughter was there as well. They all thought this was a good solution so mother happened. They were wrong!

I got into bed with only my underwear on and my mother in law had on a silk night gown.

My cock got hard instantly and I could see my mother I laws nipples were very hard as well.

We were all still awake and talking, but the light were off. I brushed my mother in laws breasts and she ever moved or took my hand away. Then as we talked I took the next step and touched her smooth leg and ran my hand up her thigh. My heart was racing and my cock was throbbing and I was wet with pre cum. As I ran my hand up her thigh, she parted her legs and I finally reached what I was wanting. For what ever reason she did not have on any panties and what I found is she was dripping wet. Her daughters were only a few feet away and I was as turned on as ever. When I dipped one finger in her soaked pussy, she moaned and quickly put the sheet in her mouth to silent. Her legs opened more as to invite me more and I inserted two fingers in her smooth pussy. She came right then. I wanted to eat her bad. It knew that just could not happen. She then reached for my hardness and when she did I came! Together we made a cum soaked mess on the sheets.

What I did not know until morning is my girlfriend (her daughter) had fingered herself off many times at the same time since she had an idea I would end up fingering her mother
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