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Is it normal that i desperately want my MotherInLaw.
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When i lived with my wife and mother-in-law we used to argue, so i stopped playing dirty games like leaving the door open when i get dressed or wank my raging hard-on, for her to watch and listen.
So for a while we didn't get along.
Then all of a sudden, she is the only women i desperatly want to take on a dirty weekend.I love sniffing the underwear she leaves on the floor of the bathroom when we stay over.Her other daughters are hot and i have sniffed there dirty knickers,sooo good,but i want their mum so bad that i think about her every day. she told me her pussy is beginning to prolapse,now i really really need to tell her that, i am burning for her sex.
Please help, what should i say to her?
Is this normal or not?
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Comments (6)
How old is she , 80 ?
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Set your dick on fire.
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I think she wants to fuck you really badly. But, she probably won't cheat on her daughter.
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Fuck her hard, then fuck her daughters as well!
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fuck mom and daughter together
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Just go for it, she probably wants it anyway!!
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