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Is it normal that I despise the way everything revolves around sex?
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I've been living in my own apartment for almost a half year now as an university student and naturally I've dipped my toes in the typical student life. I honestly thought that if I would take this leap I would grow in personal strength, find real friends, I thought that the world would open itself up for me. I took all the necessary steps, only to be disappointed. What I found out is how selfish people are, I found out nobody cares about anyone else if they can't benefit in some way from you. I grow empty listening to people that refuse to talk about something meaningful, to watch people only care about fucking as many people as they can, from whatever gender they're into. Nobody cares about meaning, about making a real connection, and if they appear to it's just a facade to get you to notice them. I'm not ugly or anything, I take a considerable amount of time to look decent, not perfect but decent. I sometimes hear people complaining about how they haven't fucked in a week, it makes me genuinely mad that people can be so shallow. Of all the problems I have, of all the mistakes I've made and things I've fought for, I have some kind of doubt that maybe I'd change it if I could, but not with this. I am twenty years of age and still a virgin, and I honestly don't care what anyone makes of that, but for some reason society just revolves around sex because apparently some people think I'm not a real man until I have done so. I become more and more distant to my peers as I don't just hate this mentality, I hate everything about our animalistic nature that leads some of us to only care about fucking and fucking... and I envy them. I envy them because their lives must be so unbelievably simple, as long as they have something to fuck they can be happy and whole. It is obvious by now if you've read this far into my post that I'm not happy myself, so I'm too biased to think clearly. As a final note, I would like to emphasize that I don't hate sex itself. I think sex can be a beautiful thing if it's not abused like this, only if there is a real connection between the participants. Strangers or people that barely know each other however, I can never understand that.
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You're fine dude. Not everyone is into the whole party scene, whether it be drinking or sex or both or whatever. You're paying to further your education, you're there to learn, so learn. About everything, not just scholastics, but don't let all the shenanigans around you distract you from your purpose. Eventually you'll find what you're looking for, whatever it is.
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Damn that's refreshing to read, especially on a site like this.
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I was pleasantly surprised to find that you were in fact, a male. Then again you have yet to have sex, so maybe that has something to do with it. However, that being said, you have restored some hope in me for the male species. I had literally thought the same thing about all males due to past experiences and I despised it. I'm so glad you think this way, coming from a female, thank you.
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I agree with you 100%
That's all I have to say.
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This is an unusual opinion to encounter on a degenerate social media site. Firstly, I admire your faith and sincere desire to rise above the meaninglessness of mindless dickwad happiness. True intimacy is a beautiful thing. It's antithesis is isolation, and FWB sex as well as drunken orgy snatch humping is guaranteed to alienate your soul.

The problem is that the search for perfection is rarely if ever achieved. Intimacy is a skill that is developed slowly in a healthy personality. It takes practice and effort. And you can get there, but cynicism won't help you; social artistry just might.

Find an enlightened crowd that parties under 0.08%. Renaissance women will gravitate to this. Do some reading on the topic of intimacy as a skill, and remember what I always say, "Social artistry is the vitamin for life."
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It is the way of the world.
Women have said since the beginning of time that men's brains are in their cocks and they think with the wrong heads.
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I hope you're a troll.
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What you need to find some actually good friends you like and get out there or wait until after school. You view sex as only with someone you have a connection with and not everyone is like that so find people who are you like you. There you out there you just have to find them. Not everyone is into one night stands.
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This is great. But the fact that you have not had sex means you can't really have opinions on it yet. Put yourself out there.
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@: Who?
I don't think you understand, I'm attracted to purity. "Putting myself out there" would mean searching people like myself, which is what I've been doing all this time. I guess what you mean by "putting myself out there" is actively looking for and experience sex before judging these behaviors, which goes against my nature.
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