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Is it normal that I don't behave like most people my age?
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Hello there everyone, I am a young man, currently studying in college and I don't like going to night clubs, I don't like going to road trips, drinking or simply going out to parties. I am not a shy person, most people I talk to view me as a confident person and people say that I am very outgoing.

However, when the people I know invite me to go to night clubs or to other places like these, I reject their offer, even if I like the person. In the past I would give them an excuse but nowadays I try to be more honest.

On the other hand, I enjoy going out to the movies a lot, reading, playing video games, going to the theatre, surfing the net, tv series, animes, football, etc.

During my time in university I have got a wide group of people I talk to about things that are related to football or university alone. However when people start talking about that night when they went out and had such a blast I usually am left with very little to say. I don't have any other sort of relationship with these people outside university, except for some phone calls that are related to university.

As a kid I never had tons of close friends mostly because I always was a good student and people would always view me as "the nerd of the class", kids had a tough time viewing me as a kid like them. Only these closest friends really knew me and we had a lot of fun together.But as time passed and they reached 14 years old their habits changed drastically and became quite opposite to mine which made it very difficult for me to find someone that had similar interests to mine. I eventually found a friend with whom I usually spend time with nowadays, his interests are somewhat similar to mine and when we have time we hang out together doing things we both like.

I am very happy with my grades, I love university, I love the time I spend with my friend but sometimes, mostly when I am on hollidays, it feels like there's something missing, like I need other people to talk to besides my closest friend, like there's a part of my life I could be missing right now.
On these moments of my life I feel a bit lonely, like everybody out there is having a blast and I am the only one that feels awkward for being different from the rest of the flock. I only feel completely confident of talking about my true self with my parents, sister or my closest friend, I feel like people would bash me down if I revealed how different I am to them, how I really don't like doing things they love doing. When the subject of not liking to go out, drinking or going to parties is refered in college, I look at people's surprised faces and their reactions while they say:" How can anyone not love doing these things? I don't understand at all, maybe these people have some social problems or something."
As I hear them saying these things I become even more afraid of showing my true self to other people besides the ones I refered above.

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A lot of students become confused as to why they are at college in the first place... to party or to receive an education.

Keep your eye on the ball and enjoy life your way.

Best Wishes!!!
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People are like socks!

All different sizes, colours and have different purposes.

Just be yourself, you'll be fine in the long run and you'll meet psople like yourself when you start your career.

Good luck!
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You have a good head on your shoulders, don't ever let peers or society change you (considering how norms and standards are dropping at an alarming rate).
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Its called maturity,
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You sound like an introvert(look it up). Maybe I'm wrong. But I'd say it's perfectly normal. :P I'm not into clubs, parties, etc either. I have my own ways I like to hang out.
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@: SeiveD
I guess it depends...when I like the topic of the conversation I can go on non stop, some people that don't know me very well sometimes even mistake me for a very extrovert person. But when the topic changes to other subjects that I am not very fond of or simply have no interest in, I become very quiet, having nothing to say.

But I would like to say thanks to everyone in here :) I also imagined that there was no problem in me being different, but when you're young sometimes It can be difficult accepting these differences. As I grow older I have been gradually coming to terms with my differences and accepting that I have my own personality and I shouldn't change just because most people out there are doing other things. I guess I just needed some reassuring answers from other people :)
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it's just a different in personalities. you might be the next Archimedes or Beethoven. you're THAT special brotha
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When you get your great job just work it until retirement and ultimately dieing but have fun your own way. Just cause thyre in the bathroom snorting coke dont mean you have to partake. Have fun your own way! Now excuse me. Ima secretly get drunk without anyone knowing. (coke bottles half filled with dark rum!)
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