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Is it normal that I don't even take basic care of myself? :(
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It's gotten to the point that it's really distressing. I'm too scared to get a breast exam or a pap smear so I just don't even though I know it's important. I don't clean my house, I don't really take care of myself and I just feel gross. :(
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I think that the problem may be caused due to a lack of friends and you don't find it worth your while to care anymore, besides who's gonna know what your house looks like if you don't have many visitors, or who really cares about your health. Maybe you should think about why it is you feel this way and try working on it before the problem gets any worse.
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@: Audreck
definitely right!
depression and lack of socialising and attention!

Your house is dirty because you don't have people around much.

You are dirty because you don't hang around with people much and don't try to make yourself get attention from people.

Now it's all hitting back to you.
You want to get breast implant so men can look at you more and you can rank amongst other h0es with big breast.

What you need to do is start from the bottom.
What is wrong with your image why people don't look at you when you step outside the door?
have you tried changing your dressing style? (please don't dress like a street trash or h0e)
have you tried changing your hair style?
have you tried changing your body cleanliness and odur?
do you wear make up to hide your true beauty?
don't you use make up to boost your beauty?

why is your house dirty? because you can't even decide to be a proper feminine or woman!

A true woman should be able to clean the house, cook, help the partner/husband and do choirs around the house.
Half of the women in the street can't even cook and I wouldn't regard them as women if they can't even boil an egg.

Why do you look upon all these other females outside the street?
You do know that most guys prefer big butt to big breast, or most guys do not care what size of your breast you have:/
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Ummm a breast exam checks for breast cancer and has nothing to do with implants.

And sounds like depression. If you start taking care of yourself and your house you'll start to feel better about yourself.
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@: klnmml
haha thanks. i was pretty sure i didn't mention breast implants! lol
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Definitely sounds like depression. I know exactly what you mean. Talk to a doctor
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it can be depression...
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sounds like depression
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Eww on that dirty house, I don't want nothing to drink out ur kitchen, oh and I'm standing up for most of the visit..
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I agree. Sounds like depression. Especially since it sounds like you care.
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Don't sit asking if it's normal cause it's not!! Do something about it! Go to the doctor splurge and get a Maid to power clean ur house and keep up with it! It's sad to see so many Americans sitting like oompa loompas all day!
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i agree with whoever said depression....u gotta pray!!!!! trust God...anything u ever desire if your faith is in place
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Hmm...sounds like your just plain lazy.
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