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Is It normal that I don't have a cell phone?
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I had a smartphone for a few years but then gave it up last year. I haven't been as happy as I am now and have had much more free time. However, who else doesn't have one? What do you think?
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Yeah, it's normal. I can only imagine how much more free you feel. I refused to use social media for a few years actually and it was great. I decided to get back into it about a year ago and I noticed that it's really hard for me not to be on my phone..I'm actually considered deleting everything again.

The only thing I would worry about with not having a phone is being able to be contacted in cases of emergencies, or being able to contact someone if I myself had an emergency.
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True, the emergency part. I went through the same thing where I went around 2 to 3 years without technology or media, then i bought a new smartphone and had it for a year and a half, then got rid of it again. Now i've been without one for about a year and it really is nice! I don't think i'll ever get one again. But then i'll never say never, i might just get a verizon Razor or something
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Unusual but admirable! I do usually leave my phone at home on the charger so it's not following me around.
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Smartphones are WAY overrated
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