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Is it normal that I don't like popular cartoons?
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I'm not a fan of popular cartoons like Steven Universe or Gravity Falls. I don't really think they're all that funny, or even a little bit good, but for some reason people can't get enough of it. Is it normal?
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Comments (9)
Can't be too popular if I've never heard of them.
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K. Looked em up. At least gravity falls has some decent actors doing the voice work, so that could be one reason it's more popular.
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They all suck. Especially the computer animated shows for little kids. I'd rather set myself on fire while rolling in broken glass than watch that shit. Damn nieces!
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Don't take pride in what you consume, or your 'taste'. Focus on what you create.
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I think its perfectly normal you don't like them. I don't watch any childrens programming and I don't feel like I'm missing anything.
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tbh i like watching steven universe, it's rather refreshing and unique, i've tried getting into gravity falls several times but honestly it's not that interesting and i've only tried keeping up with it because my boyfriend is a big fan of it.
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I believe you should create a cartoon character that is right from your mind this second you read this message.
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Those shows are really good, but they are so overrated. The fans take it out of hand.
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Most modern cartoons are rubbish anyway with too many hidden messages not suitable for kids.
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