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Is it normal that I don't precum?
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I got a new girlfriend a few months ago and one of the first things she noticed when we first engaged in sexual play was that my penis does not produce precum. During "the main event" as it were, it remains dry as a bone (tee hee) and it only produces any cum at all when I reach climax - at which point I produce a normal/large amount.

She found this slightly odd, although it didn't bother her in any way (why would it?) and I'm just curious to know if any other guys or girls who have noticed a similar thing. Having spoken to my friends it seems that I'm fairly unique...
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I wouldn't say it is some thing to worry about.

The only thing i can comment on is when you said your doing "the main event" and it stays "bone dry"...does this also mean she isnt getting wet? as all i can see for this is a very dry friction rubbing?
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As long as you cum, don't worry about the pre stuff
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Who cares?
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It's normal, actually. Some people make very little, and it seems to be dry from the outside.
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