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Is it normal that I don't really talk to anyone?
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IIN that I don't really talk to anyone?

I've tried to open up to people before but everytime I do I always come across as extremely awkward. I feel like I'm socially awkward, socially retarded, socially inept (need I go on?). Sad thing is that I don't know how to be resilient about it. If I get rejected once (escape!), if I hear a passing comment about me (escape!), if I think someone I trusted was trustworthy (escape!), if I thought something I said was relatively harmless but attracted negative reception when executed (abort mission!). Shutting myself out forever obviously isn't going to help, but I don't know what else to do. I'm damned if I do and damned if I don't.

Escapism is possible but not healthy?!

IIN to reject the idea of talking as a survival mechanism?

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But the thing is with too much listening , you become the listener - used , if your not careful. I've listened to some broing f'k dribble for an hr sometimes but then when you have somem to say they weren't interested.
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@: blaster
That's so true...
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well i think u might be having some troubles maybe depression??i had the same problem and it turned out to be severe depression i have but dont worry it will get away u just need to find someone whos not like others and just dont open up with people too early trust me it will really help u test them for sometime if they turn out fine than go ahead with them and if ur a loner better would be to make lonliness your friend it will make things very easy for you coz ithink that to just talk to people will make things worse u need to find someone whom u can actually trust and someone you would not need to kind of hide yourself from!
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It takes a long time for our strengths and confidence to be welded into us I've noticed . Think it's a real age thing.
And if you look , you notice that even many of the oldest, strongest, or most confident people seem to get moments of self doubt,unsure tones or even look to you for something at other times , that stuffs really given me a bit of a lift.
Seems to be about self belief , assurance , so that even if we do say somem stoopid , not right , or people disagree or whatever , we still hold our position with a sort of owell whatever type inner strength attitude .
Ever see 2 people saying the same thing but one's not even listened to or noticed , it always seems to be about how we feel and so come across.
Not that I'm any good at it , that's why I've been studying it in other people to try and improve.
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You don't need to open up to people. All you have to do is keep asking people questions about themselves - and they will think you're great, and talk for hours.

Hi, how's you?
Great thanks.
Well, what have you been up to this week?
Oh not a lot - just went home to see the folks.
That's nice. Hope they're keeping well.
They're ok though dad wasn't too well.
Oh dear, what's wrong with him?
Just the flu.
Well, I hope he gets better soon.
You're lucky you didn't catch it while you were there.
Yeah, I suppose so.
There's a lot going around.
Yeah, I've heard that.
Has your mom had it yet?

And on and on with inoffensive drivel. People love you to show interest in them and their lives. I knew a guy really well for 6 years and knew all about his life - but he didn't even know my surname :o)

It's just practise - people won't bite you!

Good luck!
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@: joybird
Well some will bite you, I mean some of the crazy ones can, and do, bite.
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@: joybird
God that's some friggin soul destroying words there!!!
Who the hell wants a life filled with inoffensive drivel!
OP find out what you like, what your interests are and then mix with people who are on teh same page as you! You may find that they are few and far between but that's better than faking it continually!
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Try sucking a guy off. Works wonders and if you swallow his goo it gives you shiny hair...
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