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Is it normal that I don't speak to my dad in 5 yrs but live with him?
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He was abusive when I was younger but I still live in his house with my mum and brother and I havent spoken to him in 5 years. I don't ask him anything and if he makes contact with me I just either ignore or give one word answers.
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It sucks to have a crappy parent, but you got to let go of that bitterness and just calmly accept that your dad is a piece of shit. If not, then holding onto anger means you think things will change or get better eventually, but it wont. It'll just eat away at you in ways you never thought possible.
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My biological dad use to beat the shit out of us for no reason... Petty things like not getting straight A's, playing, getting dirty, when he misplaces anything.. You name it, list is endless,it was always been our fault and we would always get beat up anyways.. My brother and I got this other amazing dad who treated us better, still does.. Despite all the abuse we still love him (bio dad) though.. We often communicate.. I think it's easier that way, no need to burden yourself with anger and hate.
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After reading about the Chinese couple who haven't spoken in 20yrs yet still married.nothing would surprize me so normal.but my dad died a few years ago never did to say to him how much I loved him and still miss him .break the ice talk to him otherwise you will never forgive yourself.should something happens
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