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Is it normal that I don't want to fight for people/ideas anymore?
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For the longest time I've been a person with high moral values. I've had opinions and ideas to help people, give them back a sense of freedom.

Right now I'm at the point where well, I don't want to do it anymore. I'm tired of trying, tired of going against the grain to try and convince people, the entirety of this society is sick from every possible perspective.

I had a discussion with my dad today in which he actually stated that people should be identifiable on the internet, as to avoid them discriminating others or making statements of racism.

I thoroughly disagreed because of the implications that identifying people on the internet have. Not because people making racist comments or discriminating is something I agree with (exactly because I had/have high morals).

When I was born I was limitless however, the moment my parents signed me in to the government I became the governments' property to work as a slave.

I've been in the progress of writing a Master Thesis to implement even more privacy protection into distributed ledgers (not going into the details of what they are here).

However, I'm thinking of just dropping the Thesis and giving in. People don't want freedom, they want to be caged, that's how well this society has trained people to belief this society is the one that will look out for them.

It doesn't, it's like an abusive parent telling you what to do and fucking you up when you make a little mistake. Yet these people actually trust them, because you'd assume your parent knows best right?

Seeing as people don't care or don't want to see the impact and implications of the amount of data that gets collected by companies such as Facebook and Google. I'm not willing to fight for them anymore.

Because of the values I hold I've been called a White Knight (even by my own brother), a pussy, a square etc. etc.

I'm done.

I don't want to fight for these people or the ideas I value anymore. In fact I'm beginning to question whether the ideas I hold even have value in a world like this. Do they really have value? Or is it just some weird construct I've created in my mind based on cultural influences?

I'm beginning to think that people and ideas do not have any value at all.
As such I do not wish to fight for them anymore, is this normal?
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You're a tool. Crawl into your mother's basement. Masturbate and eat Cheetos.
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Also looked at your previous comments. You're an ass-hat. Comment disregarded.
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We the 1% are your overlords. The importance of your purpose in life is highly imaginary. You will never make progress working against money. The Rascal man has given you a reasonable way to comfort yourself in your servitude to us, the 1%. Don't be the tool you have been in the past. Buy a bag of Cheetos today.
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Obvious troll. Disregarding your comment.
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When high morals clash with money, the outcome is always the same - disenchantment. Go ahead and be disenchanted without your Cheetos. Nobody cares.
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There are 5 million people today that are in hunter gatherer societies, (coincidentally about the same amount there were before agriculture)
As for the rest of us, well, if we're going by the information we have (past 10,000 years) no, there is no value in these ideas. There is yet to be a slave that has become a master.
But it is becoming a more common thought today, that even though it has mysteriously never happened once in 10,000 years feminists today can "smash the patriarchy" (what an insult to women throughout history!)
Masters are just as reliant on this system as slaves. If the system is removed they both starve.
Once an agricultural system has been in use for one generation it no longer becomes a choice. Both the land rich with food that can be foraged and the knowledge to forage it has been destroyed. And all the person's emotional ties are with people living within the agricultural system.
We are unable to interface directly with the land (like every other species on earth) And instead are forced to effectively farm each other.
We all now need money to survive, and the only way we acquire it is convincing others to give theirs away.
I would read up on fractional reserve lending and you can see how money today is created out of thin air, and all of it is essentially a loan that needs to be paid back to the bank (plus interest for which the money does not even exist)
It is rare a person will become confident living within their means that they can make ethical choices and continue to be able to provide for their families, and even rare that the person is right.
I don't fault the rich any more than the poor, none of us chose this.
Today it has become somewhat of a social right of passage to speak out against identity based injustices. I will see people posting on facebook about police brutality, which I believe genuinely saddens them, but also can't help but feel in part they feel they must fulfill this so that their white friends don't doubt that they have the correct opinions to remain in their circle.
If for no reason more, than the slew of equally horrifying non-identity based brutality taking place today, like the 21 million slaves today, millions still in the west. (or "human-trafficking" as its now called) Which once made illegal has become much more reliant on relocation of people, rather than race. Another consequence is slaves are no longer viewed as as much of an investment and are kept often only a couple years and then discarded.
I would say in this way it is even much worse than colonial slavery where you were kept healthy enough not to be on the brink of death, but honestly take your pic when things get this bad it is obviously all bad.
But again, cannot fault white people on facebook, people will be people.
Specifically to your point about privacy though, I don't speak for the whole younger generation, but growing up with myspace I just saw probably hundreds of thousands of profiles and became numb to seeing a face and name on a screen.
While for my grandparents, in their view it is as if a person is right outside their window creeping on them.
So I guess it is just a matter of perspective, I even have porn of me up online, I don't care, but for that I know I am the minority even for my generation.

Um but yeah, i don't know. I think small scale a lot of great work can be done for the things you were talking about, I think life for gay people in america has definitely had improvements in a real way to point to one specific case.
It took me years to get to here though, the anger against oppression is real, but the fact that oppression is still here is realer.
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@: rayb12
i'm sure this reads dismal as fuck. And I think that agriculturally based societies just have the quality of perpetuating themselves even though they are not good. I think fairly soon either climate disaster or nuclear warfare will bring an end to it, and this 10,000 year mistake of technological society will be a blip on the timeline of the millions of years of human history that preceded it, and millions more to come after it.
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I know how it feels since I was pushed around(for different reasons tho), but few people appreciate what you do until it has impact. I am not a Saint, nor am I anything more than a person who tries to live with basic morals in life, but I know achieving ones goals is worth it. You just haven't found the right crowd of people that will actually encourage you to try to be a decent human-being, but in the mean time while searching for the people you need... you should try not to let those people who push you around change you, be your own person.

That thesis should be your goal. It will be the first step into something big if you got the commitment to go the extra miles throughout your life.

Just hang in their champ, the world is cruel... but there IS light at the end of every tunnel. I know, I had nothing before, not even a friend, but I climbed my way up, and I found plenty of amazing people in situations where they had a crisis with upholding their beliefs.

Hold firm, and stay strong... God bless.
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Helps to understand that we aren't creatures of reason, and the explanation for your depression doesn't require a dissertation.

You hate yourself because you don't do anything. Create, don't just consume. And move out of your dad's house.
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@: felixy
I looked at your other comments. You're an ass-hat. Disregarding your comment.
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Looks like leaving your dad's place will be more difficult than getting a PhD.
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@: felixy
I have left my parents house years ago. Am working part-time whilst getting a Masters' Degree.

You know nothing about me, yet you talk down on me. In my book that makes you an ass-hat.

Go create something, might help with the attitude.
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You aren't really alone at all in how you feel. What you are in and why you feel alone is because you are in a minority that actually has a very real ability to think for yourself. Most people can't or won't understand the concept at all. They wish to be told what to do, what to say, what to eat, what to wear, all in a bid to be "accepted".

In being able to do this you have tried to do well, tried to influence others in a positive way through your own high morals (which I don't question at all)and have time and time again met up against reluctance, scorn, ignorance, just about anything that society would use to sabotage an original thinking person such as yourself. People love their delusions, love to have someone do their thinking for them and than have it presented in a way that sounds plausible or that sounds "edgy" or original, when it is anything but that. The simple fact that people today justify using violence in a fight against "bigotry, racism, sexism" etc conclusively shows the violent nature human beings as a whole will inevitably return to if given enough time. These same people uniformly trust their governments to take care of them. There isn't a doubt in their tiny little minds. Society as a whole is very sick and not just from certain angles, all angles have shown this same problem, and there is no fixing it.

It is very frustrating.

I would recommend finding some hobbies to take your own formidable mind off these particular lines of thinking as it will only cause you undue stress. Focus on a hobby or hobbies. Don't give up entirely though. What is meant to happen is going to happen, it's inevitable. Don't take it upon your own shoulders to think you can change it or stop it.

Good luck.
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Working and going to school? How do you have time to get unreasonably upset over your dad's opinion on internet anonymity?

If you've read my previous comments you'll know this already but: if you're a guy, get your testosterone checked. Especially if you have mood swings, mental fog and signs of depression.
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