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Is it normal that i dream of not being able to fall asleep?
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The nights before important events like exams or travel, i would dream of myself not being able to fall asleep.

Of course i would wake up the next morning feeling absolutely relieved that i DID sleep well.

Does this happen to anyone else?
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Comments (5)
Haha, me too. But I wake up and have to think about weather or not I actually fell asleep/:
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Comment Hidden (show) happens to me often.
Your nervous honey!
Everything is fine!your just a little nervous because you know you have an exam the next day or coming up. :D
Happens to me :]?
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Yeah this happens to me all the time, its still restless sleep though. Do you take melatonin by chance
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I had a dream that I kept on being kept up and couldn't sleep before.
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