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Is it normal that I eat more if I feel ill?
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When I have a mild stomach ache and nausea, I try to make it feel better by eating a meal. As long as my stomach is full of food, the nausea goes away. Some of my friends say they can't eat anything when they feel sick but I feel like I HAVE to eat or I'll be dealing with tummy pain and wooziness. When I feel sick I have to eat something substantial about every 90 minutes. Is this even remotely normal? I've been to the doctor and she said there is nothing medically wrong with me.
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I sometimes feel more hungry when I'm sick with colds and things like that. I always assumed it was because my body was craving fuel to fight off the illness with. Yours sounds a bit more extreme than that though.

Do you think it might be from low blood sugar or something like that? Maybe you're eating things with sugars, temporarily feeling better and then crashing? It's definitely possible to do that over and over during the day. You may want to try to change your diet a bit to make your blood sugar remains at a more steady level.

It could also be due to dehydration or a combination of both. Sometimes the body sends signals that feel like hunger when it's actually craving water.
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When I don't feel good I; Eat, shower, crap. In that order.
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