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Is it normal that I feel guilty?
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There's this girl that I've known on and off for a few years now. She's really nice and sometimes we hang out together, but nothing physical ever happens. There's some things about her that I find attractive, but some things that I don't, and she's definitely not physically appealing to me at all.

She's so nice though and I feel really sorry for her that she doesn't have a boyfriend, and actually to the point where I feel guilty hanging out with her as "just friends." We're clearly compatible on some level, so I'm worried that this makes me shallow. Also sometimes I worry that I'm leading her on a little just by hanging out.
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I am in a VERY similar situation at the moment, except I'm a girl and this friend is a guy. He is the most courteous guy I know, and we are compatible on a certain level. But at the same time I do not find him good-looking, and he isn't very funny/doesn't laugh a lot, which i would usually think would be a deal breaker for me.
DON'T feel guilty. If you want to make a move with her don't do it because you feel bad, do it because you are attracted to her. But if you find her attractive in certain ways, I would try to look into that more. If you enjoy hanging out with her, and you are attracted to her in other ways besides looks, you can begin to look past physical appearance and begin to just be attracted to their presence, how they act, and what they they think and say.
But i wouldn't stop hanging out with her because of this. You both enjoy eachothers company, and if she falls for you, just tell her honestly what you think of her. you can talk it out, dont be scared to talk about it with her.
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If ur not physically attracted now u'll probably never be physically attracted to her. U'll probably hurt her when u get a gf but that's just part of life. She probably appreciates having a friend either way. I'm guessing ur young? This kind of thing isn't so important when u get older, the inside is what really matters...but don't give her a shot if ur just gonna hurt her. Let her find a guy who truly appreciates her.
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If you feel she is not right for you there is nothing to be guilty about.
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Friend zone!!!
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