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Is it normal that I feel really bad when my parents buy me things?
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Hi everyone,

i just signed up for this site after searching up similar questions like the titles says. I really can't find any help, so please do provide any and all support.

Keep in mind I am 14. So recently my parents bought me the parts I need to build a PC. Yesterday to be exact. They would sometimes tell me building a computer would help me in the future. But now I have all the parts, I feel extremely anxious. It is night time right now, I just feel really stressed out. I was peaking at the looks of my parents' eyes when the cashier started scanning the parts. $300 then $700 then $1200 and so on. The total was about $1400. They really started to worry me, my dad tried to hide his stress coming from the high price, and my mom looked away. At that moment I felt like COMPLETE UTTER GARBAGE. I just felt like the most stupid, spoiled brat alive. My dad once told me that if he had to work at 2 places, he would do it. Just to afford the PC. My family's income is not great. We are between the low and the middle class (Leaning towards the low). I never wanted my parents to feel this way. They seemed so happy when they helped me encourage myself to build a computer. Now I don't even know how I feel, I am lost and I really need some support. I feel sad right now, I don't even know if I will be able to sleep. Last christmas I got a smart TV and an xbox one. I felt really happy as I didn't have a TV or an xbox one. But this christmas, I just really wish I could fly away from all the stress I am going through right now. The parts are right next to me, just looking at them makes me want to throw up or cry. My mom told me to call my grandma on her phone. When I turned it on there was a bank email showing the amount of money we have right now. I honestly don't even want to say. Please help me, I am getting extremely worried about ever talking about building a computer. I am starting to regret everything. I feel like an idiot right now, a EXTREME IDIOTIC PERSON.
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Sucks to have to be aware of financial hardships while you're that young, but it's also a sign of good conscience and character. Make your computer and use it. It will open up way more possibilities than an xbox will.
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@: felixy
Thank you this really helped me calm down a bit. Merry christmas.
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Why not let them know that although you're grateful for their generosity, you're also concerned they've created a financial burden for themselves?

That would be a mature way to handle it, especially if you let them know they don't need to spend lots of money on you for you to be grateful for what they do give you. Build the computer and make them proud of you!

You sound like an unusually sensitive 14 year old, by the way: I'm sure most kids your age would just take what they were given by parents without ever considering them.
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@: Ellenna
Thanks, my parents did not necessarily offer me a PC. I would occasionally ask them if I could build one as I love to animate littlr cartoons. Many times my dad told me that would actually help me out in my future. I was the one to ask them, and they boosted my self esteem on the road.

Now that it is actually happening, It just doesn't feel right for me to have made my parents spend over $1000. I am very thankful I really am. But I just wish I never asked as I sometimes forget about it, but when i remember of the price. I just get butterflies on my stomach. My parents are trying to smile at me. I know they are hiding their actual mood. They are as freaked out as I am. I respect my parents. Even more after what I have caused. I sure do want to express my self to them. But I have never done that as I feel they might deny my thoughts.
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Get a job, do chores around the house, and get money by mowing the lawn or something. Also, next time go research how much it costs to build a pc.

If you're that guilty over it, give most of the parts back and keep maybe one. Buy the items over time - not in one go.
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I am only 14. Doing chores will make my parents have to pay me when I should be paying them. I don't know my neighborhood much to be offering jobs. I was aware of the cost of building a PC. It got expensive as I constantly like to edit, animate, and graphics design.

Giving the parts back would really get everything off my chest. But my parents are not big fans of me wanting to return things. It would probably make them feel worse. That is the last thing I would want. I put the parts under my desk. Makes me feel a bit better. Thanks for the feedback. Merry christmas.
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I just signed up to answer you. I am like you and i've been like that all of my life. And I hate it!!. Your parents are adults and they know what they're doing, if they couldn't afford the pc they wouldn't buy it. Think about other kids, they keep asking their parents to buy them stuff without caring. Plus, I'm So Sure you're a good girl/boy and you deserve getting what you want.
Listen to me, Learn how to say what you're feeling. Go to your parents and tell them exactly how you're feeling. Tell them whenever you felt like buying something. And tell them whenever they bother you.
Do it now better than later believe me, I'm 18 and these kind of issues got bigger yet I still can't face anything! :-( good luck ❤
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