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Is it normal that I find emo,punk and goth girls extremely attractive?
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I am not an emo, punk or goth but if I was to say I was one of them I would say I am a punk. But I find emos, punks and goths extremely sexually attractive. I mostly only go out with them and not normal girls. If i am at a party or gig i only talk to the emo punk and goth girls (i only mostly sleep with emos goths and punks too) Am I normal?
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Love those styles as well.
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I am right there with you. Frankly, any girl who can express their individuality will catch my eye. I love it when girls wear all black because it gives them a supernatural feeling. Furthermore, I like anime and in what I've seen the women in it are usually in some goth attire that just screams beautiful. If I could only meet a goth girl willing to dress up in lolita fashion for me, that would be great. Anyways, it's just a preference, which is normal.
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@: Anime7
YAY! ^ This.
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I used to be very attracted to 'moody fringe type' girls when I was younger.
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duh... i used to dress super scene and it was fun and i got a lot of attention from it good and bad
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Yeah, that is normal. People get off on certain looks, labels, ect.
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Well freaky girls do tend to be more adventurous. Tattoos and piercings tell you that she's not averse to a bit of S&M.

Also, they're less likely to be shallow and judgemental.
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You're stereotyping. Not all goth (or ALT) girls are into S&M, and a lot have no tattoos. I never had a tattoo, or thought about S&M.

Trust me, if you go to Goth clubs, you'll meet a lot of nasty, clicky assholes there. We're all people, so you'll find all types, good and bad.

And FYI for anyone wondering; we're not all Satan worshipers and/or Wicca.
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I hope it's normal or else I may never find a lover
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Definately normal.
I absolutely love that sort of style in a guy
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