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Is it normal that i finger my cousin and touched her boobs
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It was happen when i were 11-12yr. and she's 15-16 i think i was a mayor/king alike in our house my cousin's and aunt and uncle was living into my moms house and from that i age i might say i truly child not just child im not thinking at all jerking damning i even get kicked out in school and then my grandma die exactly when i was have an internet and watching hentai and porn so im thinking of doing it when my cousin sleep in my room the way my house was like a apartment and in my place or house is just me and i hav feared with dark area im not fooling i truly hav thats why i requested for my cousin to go on my house then here she go sleeping and then i try fingering her pushing my penis to her underwear and then touching her but i never do the only thing i thought i do that bad was a three finger inserted to her i think it was butt or vagina and when i feel something real soft i try touching it and rubbing it and then i inserted my finger there too for about 18 days i doing this i feel pretty bad to what i have done so i promise not to watch porn,sex vid,sex pic and any malicious thing to do like MASTURBATING and not having relationship for till im 21 im 15 now then here it comes i feel like im gay thinking malicious on boys and girls it was truly getting to me that i rather think of malicious thing other than this it was yukkkkkkkk!!! gay but i promise and thinking of myself a man that doesnt disobey hia promise thats my way.....but this dam sychological or brain bullsh** is truly getting to me pls tell me what to be done.
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I have no idea what you just said.
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Use grammar... I couldn't understand anything...
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It was hard to read that. Try to focus on making complete sentences, and ending each one with a period. Each thought should be a new sentence, and major ideas should be a new paragraph. It just makes things easier to read.

With that said, I think that is pretty normal. When you are young you get curious about sexuality and might not know how to deal with it. You probably shouldn't molest your cousin in her sleep, but you clearly already know that.

Don't let your experiences put you off of sex and relationships, though. Go ahead and watch porn, masturbate, get into relationships. It's healthy and normal.
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i happen to think incest is hot and ok if its consentual and fix your english its hard makeing out what you said i only got the part about your cousin
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This stories me want to make better. I think not true cant you talk! Holy shit Im trying to make this sentence not make sense and its hard as hell you must be 8 and not go to school!!
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What the fuck are you talking about? I'm so confused right now.
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old_school, what the fuck did you say?
that question was HORRIBLE mainly because of how shitty you are with explaing things....:|
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This Seems like a fake story ... (not tht I knew much of what you were even talking about) Your grammar is awful! You have to only be about ten or younger to have written this. Do you even know what a complete sentence is? You need to delete this post and rewrite it if u ever want a real answer....
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Make a better plan a day for a time when you really can touch what area you want either her butt or vagina and you won't be guilt when is enjoying for both you and her should marry
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Where did you learn to write? I couldnt understand a fucking thing
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how the hell did this post even get approved. what the hell are the admins doing around here.

Rest in Peace, English.
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Is it normal that I didn't understand anything he said :P lol
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Something about trucks?
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All I got out of that was something about masturbating from nonstop from15 to 21.

Whasamatter with kids these days? Learn P.U.N,C;T"U`A:T-ION!
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