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Is it normal that I function better at night than in the day?
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I sleep in the day - stay up all night. This is not just a passing phase of insomnia, but more of a lifelong pattern since childhood. I have always felt more comfortable in the dark and the quiet. I hate noise around me - other than my own choice of metal - and can't stand crowds of people at the best of times. I find that I function, feel and think much better at night. My mood even picks up. If I could, I'd sleep all day and only live by night. What is wrong with me?
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I'm the Same, I think it's because you're alone, it's quiet and in the summer, not boiling hot.
But for a job or studier (etc) your sleeping pattern need's to change.

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i think that is 100%% normal, everyone has the time of day that they work best in!!
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I'm lucky in that I'm self employed and a writer, so I do most of my writing at night when everybody is asleep. As for summer, you're on the money, I can't stand the heat or the sunlight, my eyes burn and my skin burns and I get so hot I can't move at all. I've often wished I lived in Canada instead of Africa. Everybody I know thinks I'm strange for my sleeping habits. Thanks for replying I feel a little more normal now.
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I agree completely.
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many self-employed people that work from home are just like you. if i could sleep all day and work from home during the night, i would. but, i can't...

i envy you.
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I know my self employment status is enviable :) BUT... (and there is always one of those) it really has it's down side. There are days that I have no motivation to work, and nobody to push me. My time = money, so if I'm not working I'm not earning. Also, being a mom, I have come to realise that my kids take full advantage of my being a stay-at-home mom. There are days I could strangle them quite cheerfully. They don't realise how lucky they are to be among the very few kids these days that have the luxury of a mom at home. I often feel quite jaded towards them and wonder if I shouldn't plonk the rotters in afterschool care just to show them the other side of the story. Try working when your kids are on your back every 5 minutes and messing up your clean house the minute they step in the door. But otherwise, I'm grateful for the opportunity to work from home. My sleeping habits however, they tend to pose a few problems for me. Sleeping pills just mess me up even more and then I sleep non stop. It's a frikking nightmare.
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i know exactly what you mean. I also like to write books and play musical instruments thing is i never do any of that stuff in the morning or afternoon only at night
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You're a night person. Many people I know are more comfortable in the night.
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Sounds like your anti social a little bit however i tend to work better the less sleep i get i sleep about two hrs at aome point in the day then just work for the rest of the time sleep is a cruth
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That's so awesome! If I could change my sleep cycle I'd do that!
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