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Is it normal that i get angry at my boyfriend for always eating junk?
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My boyfriend is Maori/samoan, so naturally he is big. He is significantly bigger than me but I dont consider myself shallow cause i dont believe im bothered by his size. I'm super health conscious and he knows i don't like him eating junk food. I do get angry when i ask him to stop eating so much junk food and he promises to stop, but then he will eat it for his next meal! We have fought about it numerous times. Is it normal for me to get angry about it?
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In all honesty you may want to consider not yelling at him every time he picks a food you dislike.

Instead of that you should probably both learn how to compromise.

First off, instead of yelling and starting a fight with him... why not tell him how much you love him and that you worry about him? I mean if every time I reached for a cookie someone yelled at me... I wouldn't be motivated to stop... I'd just be pissed off at them for nagging me constantly.

Second... why don't you try to find foods that both of you like? There may be foods out there that are more appetizing to him yet still be healthy.

And thirdly... seriously, don't ban him from "junk". If someone constantly told you what you can't eat... you wouldn't be put off from eating it. You'd just crave it more because it was forbidden.

I'm serious about that too. I learned about a study where the group was told "no mustard" every day. by the end of the experiment everyone craved mustard and talked about how much they were going to eat it when the experiment was over. They didn't know... the REAL test was to see if the psychologists could induce a mustard craving.

So basically, science backs it up... telling someone "no" constantly will make them want it more.

You have to learn to compromise. And fighting them every time they pick what you dislike won't fix the problem.
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If you don't like it, find someone else. From a guy's perspective, we find this type of nagging rather annoying. Yes, we understand how you feel. Got it. Now leave me alone about it.

You're approaching this from a position that it's perfectly normal for you to change him. Have you considered whether he ever asked you to?
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Nope, be mad all you want! Junk food & sugar make semen taste bad & change the consistency of it. If not for his own health, then do it for the sake of you not having to swallow nasty shit.
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yes its normal. he might as well be smoking cigarettes or picking up some other filthy habit. im serious, junk food is addictive and it is just as disgusting when you see someone intoxicate their body with preservatives/sugar/shit as it is when you see them smoking a cig.
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