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Is it normal that i get shaky when I am excited about something?
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So every time I get sort of excited, like I'm about to do something really fun or different or exciting, but also when i'm getting something off my chest (talking about something or someone that annoys me a lot or makes me angry/gossiping), I get really shaky inside and somewhat faint. It is not that I literally shiver, but just inside. Does anyone else experience this, or is it just me?
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Careful you don't fall over
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Yes I get it too when someone makes me angry I don't know why but I feel blood pumping to my head and really shaky and if I talk its stuttered and I start thinking crazy angry things until it subsides
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I get shakey without my smokes.
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It's caused by adrenaline which your body produces during times of arousal.
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Yes. I start to shake for everything, excitement, confrontation, sadness, nervousness, when children are near, I totally start to shake, ridiculously! Don't worry, totally normal
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Yesterday my boyfriend told me about the house that he might buy and yes I was excited like that.
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