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Is it normal that I get very bored when I don't smoke weed?
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Over the last couple of months I've found myself basically smoking weed every day. Now I've had a break for about a week without smoking weed properly. For the record, I define 'properly' as having my own bag and smoking 2/3/4 spliffs over the course of a day/night. I've had one or two spliffs here and there, but recently I've found myself being quite bored of an evening without any cannabis to smoke. I've now turned to drinking a little each night on my own which I never used to do. Anyone else feel the need to not be sober?
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Reliance on drugs to feel good suggests a psychological addiction. You're addicted to being intoxicated. It's not necessarily as terrible as it sounds - one could say that people intensely passionate about a certain hobby will feel a similar 'withdrawal' upon abstaining from said hobby, and will often replace that loss with something similar. In your case, your hobby is weed, and you're replacing it with alcohol.

If you wish to overcome this attachment to intoxication, you need to find other ways of feeling good or interested that don't involve taking chemical substances.
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It may be normal, but not a good thing. Becoming dependent on weed, to make your day fun, doesn't seem like a good thing at all. I'm also a weed smoker. But I may smoke once a week, or so.

I don't even think its that fun.
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We need hobbies or something. Ever since I stopped smoking 2 weeks ago I find myself with nothing to do in the late afternoons. In fact, I could have hung out with 2 different groups but I told them I didn't smoke and ended up not hanging out with them both. It's not that life is boring now. It's just amazing how much fun weed makes sitting around with friends. It makes you think wow I could be having SO much more fun instead of sitting here playing call of duty.

Also weed isn't just a fun enhancer. When you use it alone you have a lot of time to think to yourself. It's almost like meditating without trying to. It just let's you take a step back and view your life.

Once you stop smoking you have to re-adapt to living the moment. Before you ever smoked weed you never even knew that you could get out of the moment (besides meditating). You should read the book "the power of now. " when I'm bored I read books about life and how to make the best out of it.
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I do sometimes think "this would be better with a joint" but I've never found something boring or had my opinion of something diminished from lack of cannabis
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I too am a pot enthusiast and smoke about three times the amount of you a day and I only smoke buddha cheese and if I stop for 1 day I'm completely bored so yeah I think its normal
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I feel ya
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I've been sober for a whole month now after having vaporized nonstop every night for the past 1.5 years. This is my first t-break besides missing a couple days here and there throughout the entire 1.5 yrs but rarely did I miss a night. Anyways its now been 1 month since I last toked and everything seems dull, life seems boring in general. Like there really is no purpose to this life. It fuckin sucks. I have a love/hate relationship with cannabis
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It sounds like you have a mental/emotional "addiction" to using.

I don't consider cannabis to be a drug the is truly addictive, like heroin or meth. But you can become dependent mentally upon it to "make things more interesting", say if your an artist and think you cannot create without getting high. That is an emotional/mental addiction, but not a true drug addiction.

I used cannabis for 25 yrs +, it definitely served it's purpose but I find that I would rather be in control of my daily decisions without depending on some substance to make my life more enjoyable. I got tired of being either in a fog mentally, paranoid, manic or depressed from using cannabis.

Cannabis is a powerful medicine that is incredibly abused in our world today. It's better used occasionally as a pain killer for chronic pain.
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