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Is it normal that I had sex with my cousin?
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I know my cousin since I was 17(she being 22) at first we met a couple of times in family reunions until she came and lived with our family because she had lost her job. During the first few weeks she slept in my room,she took my bed and I slept in the floor,on the second night she told me it was okay for me to sleep beside her so I took her word. After a few hours I felt that she pulled me over and started kissing me for quite a while, then she took hold of my penis and started stroking it slowing, she then pulled down my pants and gave me a blow job, I had never kissed anyone(not even close to having sex either), after that we continue making out for like about 2-3 hours and went to sleep afterward. The next night I was anxious for what could happen,nothing happen so I thought it was just a one time thing, next night It happen again(similar to the first) I thought she liked me. Nothing happen for a while until she took my room and I moved to another. We then started to know each other more and more I felt in love with and she liked me but don't think she loved me. One night,on a family party, we got really drunk and everyone had left we had the house for ourselves, I then went into her room to start talking spent about an hour talking and then suddenly we start making out on her bed, she then took her cloths off and I took off mine too. She is extremely hot(big boobs,thin,big ass) I couldn't wait to f*ck her hard, for the first time I had sex and it was wonderful. After that night everything changed, she seemed to like me more and I completely went nuts for her. After about a year of having this type of relationship she told she loved me(finally), we still keep it a secret (if our family finds out we are screwed they are very religious). I feel no guilt for what I have done, is this normal?
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well i cant really say because i am in the same situation except I am the younger one, Im a girl, Ive known my cousin since 3 and I might be pregnant...
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Not particularly, but these days what is normal?? Haha do whatever makes you happy imo
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i agree
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i jerked off to this heres a good solution u and her move away at least 3 states away both get jobs and live ur life wit her
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I agree with lemon dude
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