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Is it normal that I hate all the Buffon and Totti praise nowadays?
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I mean, for fuck's sake, Totti only scores penalties, and Buffon is an arrogant 38 year-old, who botches 2/3 matches, and when he performs well, once in a month, he's the best keeper of all time. I know, in their prime they were fantastic, and even now they are decent, Buffon is actually a good goalkeeper. But why the fuck do people ignore that they mostly suck ass and they perform a few times every year? Oh, and people who say that, AT THE MOMENT, Buffon is better than Neuer, De Gea and Courtois, just kill yourselves.
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Yep soccer is gay.with many many homo's.
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Soccer is gay.
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I don't think you guys get the point...
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