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Is it normal that I hate it when my boyfriend speaks my language?
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My boyfriend is a Swiss exchange student, and in 2 years I'm going to do an exchange in Switzerland to see him. I'm so afraid though that my German won't be good enough, so I constantly try to get him to speak it with me. But he "needs to practice his English," too! (He does not. He's basically perfect.) No one seems to understand this benign request of mine, and my parents "teased" that I should just dump him.

Please, has anyone else ever felt the same way? Honestly I don't even want to talk to him sometimes in fear that he'll just speak English.
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How would you feel if he thought the same way when you speak Swiss German?
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I wish my wife could speak english.
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Annoyed at him because we decided if we get married we're going to settle down in Switzerland. It's much more difficult to learn Swiss German and German than English because English is practically everywhere.
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I think it is normal. I dated a French guy for a full year and while I wanted to speak in French (to practice, also) he preferred to speak in English (he said it gave us a wider range of conversation). I think it largely depends on what language you start out speaking to each other and whatever is easier for the two of you to communicate.
One of the ways I became fluent in French is a podcast (free on iTunes) called Coffee Break French, and I am sure they have it in German. Check it out if you want to practice. :)
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Speak pig latin. It's the language of the elites.
*squeezes a little turd out**
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English is the international language of love because it brings people together who originally spoke different languages.
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