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Is it normal that I hate my mother?
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Hello! I am a girl, I have a lot of acne on my forehead, last week my mom told me that as i grew older, I became uglier and uglier, she told my i don't know how to take care of myself, she just told me I was so ugly, she showed me pictures of my classmates that are very beautiful...I just laughed it out, but inside I felt so sad. I went downstairs to eat a cupcake, I just kept crying and crying, I don't know how many tissues I used. I felt that my confidence went really down...I just need some comfort right now. Everyday I just keep crying about my physical appearance. Thank you to everyone that helped me........
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If you're disappointed with yourself then do something about it. Drink more water to replace all those tears, stop eating junk like cupcakes, and don't give a fuck about what bitches say, your mother included.
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Your mother sounds like she has some deep issues about her own apperance and is taking out her pain on you. She is wrong to do that. I am so sorry she wasn't able to love, comfort and support you in the way you needed her to, the way any one would validly need. There is beauty in everyone exactly how they are in this exact moment, I know it can be hard but sometimes we have to be our own loving mother, grieve the loss for sure, cry it all out..then look at ourselves in the mirror and say to ourselves I love you, you are the most beautiful person I know!!!
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Dont listen to your mum, and what is buetey anyway, as someone said "buetey is at the eye of the beholder"
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I jerk off naked
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