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Is it normal that I hate racist referees?
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I feel like there are more and more racist coaches and referees lately in the sports community. Like, not even in professional leagues, just local or community teams. Recently I tried out for a local team. Im Japanese, and I've been playing basketball for many years, and I feel like Im better than the average person, no offense guys. Anyway, I tried out and made all of my shots and got 4 assists, but I still got rejected. However, some black guy that made none of his shots and got 2 fouls still made the team. I was so mad that I stormed off. I was really pissed off. Do any of u guys experience this when u try out for sports teams and how do u feel about this?
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I hate racists, period.
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The only issue we need to have intolerance for is intolerance itself.

TRUMP 2016
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