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Is it normal that I have fantasies about my mother?
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Okay...this is truly my deepest secret..ever! Since I have been 13 years old I have been getting aroused at the thought of having sex with my mother. Anything and everything about her being naked or getting f#$ked made me so horny!! Since then until now (i am now 23 btw) she is my MAIN fantasy!! I do like all kinds of women, but my mother!! wow!! now i have researched a lot about this topic and have come to realize that if both sides were okay with it then its not a problem and i understand and totally respect that fact, so that is why i have never tried to engage with intercourse with my mother. I have tried many drugs in my lifetime, im not sure if you can call me a 'true' addict, i just love getting high from time to time, and i mean like really HIGH! i have been recently using crystal meth, trying to control my urges of doing it too often, until now im okay, thats not my main concern though, my main concern is that, i mainly do crystal meth for the sexual state it puts me in...i get so horny its not even funny...and the best part is that it enhances the sexual thoughts of my the extent that i search and download porn that reminds me of my mother...since im on crystal the thought just makes it seem that it can happen and that its more real...if im not on crystal i dont think there is even a slight chance that i would even try to engage in something with biggest wish is for both of us to be on crystal and f#ck nasty and hardcore for hours!! and if thats not possible at least for both of us to be naked and masturbating watching my porn together...i sure you guys think im fcked up...when im not high of meth i do too...but now im f#$kin high of that shit and already been jacking off to her for the past 2 days straight...please tell me your thoughts...
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Of course it's normal. Mom, sister, cousin, any relative, male or female. It's who ur most comfortable around. Siblings are often each others first sexual contact, even if only minor. I went a step further and molested my mom when she drank too much one night. Trying to wake her from the couch when I was 13 I shook her shoulder. Her tits swayed so nice. So a few more shoulder shakes, a few more boob bounces, and I got aroused. I shook her shoulder once more but let my hand slide down across her tits. Wow. She didn't move at all so I then felt her up Silent and still. I kept it up and finally went under her shirt mom had hard nipples and I in zipped my pants. I wanted to suck on them but too scared. So I rubbed and squeezed gently until I shot a rope of cum like never before. Then I was really scared and ashamed. I went to my room. I pleasures myself to that memory for years.
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this is great i loved what you did to your mother so much
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I don't really know what to say, this is a really weird situation. A lot of guys have incest fantasies though, I guess your best choice would be to start dating a woman who looks like your mom and see how that works for you.
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Ask her gently :)
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Sex with Mother is normal but the drugs are too freaky for me
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omg i dont know if this story is true but if so gotta be honest.i absolutly lust for my mother. want to fuck every once of her body and even watch her do adult masc been with women and couples since 15 and gettin high on crystal witn my mother and fuckin is my biggest secret desire would like to talk moe
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I do the same thing. I do coke. When I do it I like to dress as a slutty girl and look at young pics, also incest fantasies. I wish I had a sexy mom. Cause she has caught me in her lingerie. If she was hot I'd hope for her to approach me and play. Text me 3o13258216.
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drugs will kill you
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yeah i've never heard this before but its not kids so I think its harmless to have different fetishes.
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This has less to do with your mother than it does with Crystal Meth. Stop that shit, then see if you still want to fuck your mom. Come back and talk to us then.
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The crystal meth always makes me want to fuck my little British mom! I just love to get high and watch the way her ass wiggles !
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Meth makes me do the nastiest things! I also think about my mom when I am high! I've done bad things,from picking a 6yr old little girl up by her crotch,to letting another guy fuck me,to fucking with animals,to feeling up my friends preteen while she slept! I fantasize about watching my own mom being gang raped by several black dudes! I almost went for my mom in the past,nearly grabbed her little ass once! I was inches away from her and I stopped! I snuck into her bedroom naked and hard as hell and stood over her as she slept! I would have regretted it for my life! She did notice my hard cock a few times because I wear my thinnest shorts! She definitely saw it,and gave me a weird look! She was cutting my hair once and I let my elbow slip out and it rubbed right on her pussy! She didn't even react when I pushed my elbow out more until her mound was pressed on it! I watched in the mirror and loved it!Another time,I let the pool jets hit my cock and watched her gardening as I came in the pool.
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