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Is it normal that I have sexual fantasies about my older sister?
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I am a 19 year old boy and my sister is 21. I first found her sexually attractive about four years ago. I'm not sure how it happened. But I've had fantasies about her ever since. If it adds any insight, here's some more info: we've always lived in the same house up until a few months ago. We have always been close even though we don't really show it. Even though I rarely tell her about things in my life, I know that I always can. Any sincear input will be apreceated. Thanks!
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I think any fantasy you could possibly have is fine as long as it stays in the realm of fantasy.

That unfortunately is the issue with most people. They fantasize about something, and they just can't live with only fantasizing, and eventually need the real thing.

If you won't ever act on those feelings, I'd say it's okay, as long as it doesn't consume you.

You can't act on those feelings though. If you ever had kids they would most likely be slow. Not to mention the fact it's illegal, you'd be shunned by your family, and your neighbors, and anyone you told would look at you differently. Just doesn't seem worth it for one piece of pussy, especially when that pussy is your sister.

Maybe you're still too young and immature to understand you can love a woman without there being any sexual feelings involved. That happened to me when I was younger. I thought I was in love with my best female friend, but I just didn't realize that you could love a woman and not want to fuck her.
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ok im going to be sincear here, apreceated is not a word
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What you have to do is change your DNA so she's not your sister any more and then you can romp in the haystacks with her.

It's not a cheap procedure and it's quite invasive but, hey, if you want to prove your love, what better way?
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I hear the procedure involves a lot of carefully aimed pipettes, lube and a cheese grater.
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It does indeed. In the business, we call it the DNA-o-tron. Other people refer to it as "an absolute shambles" but what do they know? We're involved in the important science of letting people have sex with their siblings. What have they ever achieved that is quite so noble?
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Exactly. You do what you gotta do for the incestuous individuals worldwide.

Let the stampede of progress trample upon all those clinging to the past!
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There's an easier way: Just get a testicular transplant. The DNA in the rest of your body doens't matter.
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