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Is it normal that I have to poop when nervous??
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So I've heard of people having to pee when they are nervous, but my situation's a little different. Every time I have to run a race, or do something in front of people, I feel like I reeeally need to take a crap. When I finish the race, the feeling goes away and I'm fine. Sometimes, before a big track meet, I end up taking a dump like 3 times before I run. This only happens to me when I'm nervous. Is this normal?
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At least you'll have a nice light body as you set-off.
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That happens to me! I think it's perfectly normal!
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You are a gastrointestinal reactor. I used to do that before a date or an unpleasant situation ( test, confrontation). Proof of the mind-body connection. Don't worry but stay near a toilet if you are. I know a woman who pooped so much during her divorce that she ended up with major hemorroids(sp?).
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Yea very common feeling, but crappin 3 times before a run ... dang thats not normal
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Same thing happens to me.
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always happens to me! if i'm erring ready for a date or something, right beforethey pick me up..I have to go poop
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my brother has the exact same problem, and it also happens before a track meet.
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As long as you don't poop while racing. :)
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