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Is it normal that I have urges to kill?
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I have urges and desires to kill someone. I want to kill my whole family (Mom, dad, sisters). I usually fake emotions. I want to see the depression and sadness on my other family members face when they are at funerals. I remember in grade 4 was when I first got the idea. I thought of bringing a hatchet to school and slicing everyone up. In the start grade 5 it got worse, I started thinking about killing people more and thinking why it would be a bad thing. In grade 6 is when it really got bad. I didn't see a problem in killing. (I still don't). I always cry when my mom and dad yell at me. My second oldest sister and I have a very fighting problem, we will fight constantly, I have scars from her scratches and she has scars from me biting her. I don't know if this are some of the reasons why I feel urges to kill but I did get abused as a child, I hear my friends and other people in class whispering when nobody around, I bite the skin around my nails until I bleed, I also have urges to cut open animals. But i'm scared to say to my parents that I have issues, and I don't want to get help although I have always wanted to have a therapist. I always want to hurt people but I always hate it when people get mad/disappointed with me. I also have a crush on a guy, but he has a girlfriend that disrespects him, I have been friends with that girl for longer than I can remember and yet I still want to kill her in the most cruelest way possible.

I need help, but I want to stay anonymous. Does anyone know a online therapist that lets me stay unknown?
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Watch the TV show Dexter and start rounding up the scum in our society, that way you can do what you want while still contributing in a positive way. Hope you can get rid of the child molesters and rapists.
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Go chop up your local rapists and child predators.

But keep animals out of it. Don't be a cockshit who cuts up dogs and cats, they don't deserve that. Stick to fuckin' with humans. Animals are pure.

Also, I, a medically diagnosed schizo, knows you ain't hearing shit.
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Too many words. Just do it.
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If this is true: GET HELP. This is NOT normal and you need to go to the psych ward. I know you might be worried about it, but this isn't okay and you might become a threat to people/animals (by the way what the fuck did animals do to you) around you. Please don't act on this impulse. Do something about it. Maybe you should see a psychologist. They won't chain you up or arrest you. They can help you if you allow them to.
If this is false: Please find something better to do with your life. It's short. Especially if all you do is sit on a computer writing creepy stories and looking at anime girl's boobs.
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@: Who?
yes-you need to get help, please
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Burn the mother fuckers to the ground!
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TLDR grow up.
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Don't get help. Therapists and psychiatrists will fuck up your life. If you absolutely must kill, kill rapists, murderers, pedophiles, corrupt public officials etc. Don't kill any innocent people or animals. That's just fucked.
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Kill me first
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Just stick to animals ;)
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To answer your last question, YES! There are websites that offer anonymous online therapy. Some are totally free, some offer some free services but charge for a fully licensed therapist. 7cups, blahtherapy, talkspace, just search on your preferred search engine.

There are also phone numbers you can call to talk to somebody anonymously. It depends on where you live, of course, but again look for them online.

It's good that you're willing to seek out help. I really hope you'll pursue that.
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